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Ysgol Emmanuel we aim to create a genuine and meaningful partnership between school and home.  

There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the work of the school and to gain a greater understanding of school life, we currently have our Parent Workshops for our Nursery parents, Curriculum open afternoons and ICT sessions for parents run by our year 6 Digital Leaders. We have a Parent Voice meeting which takes place once every term, a weekly coffee morning and baby group and variety of courses through Communities First. We communicate with our parents in many ways; Facebook, Twitter, Website and our Weekly Newsletter. We are always looking for new ways in which we can
bring parents into the school and we are always open to fresh ideas. REMEMBER: Parents' time and expertise can be used in many ways in school and is greatly valued.

If you would like to help in school, OR, would be interested in attending any of the groups mentioned in the above post you can contact Mrs Sophie Shute Parent Link Officer on- 


01745 -353447


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