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We are currently looking for a 'Community Governor' to become part of our School Governing Body. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic and wants to make a difference in the Rhyl community. As a school we are always looking at ways in which we can reach out and engage with our local community, by appointing a 'Community Governor' this will help our school form stronger links with our neighbours and the residents of Rhyl. If you are interested, please contact the school on: 01745 353447.


Thank you, diolch.

Croeso, Welcome.


Introducing our Governing body, a team of extremely dedicated parents, staff and members of the local community, who are passionate about the welfare and academic development of our pupils, staff and families at Ysgol Emmanuel.


The Governing body discuss and analyze in detail, ways in which we can continue to move forward, ensuring that our school continues to offer a safe, happy, healthy and nurturing learning environment for our pupils and staff. Our team of Governors serve as the back bone of our school, they are the schools vital support network, enabling our school to explore ways to continue to facilitate academic progress and spark passion and love of learning.



We would like to thank our Governing body for their time, dedication and continuous support.



Mark Budd,  Gareth Pritchard, Sue Colquitt, Alison Parry-Jones, Rachel Mellor, Gill Howe, Andrew Wilde, Rev. Mansfield, Stephanie Heneghan, Hannah Howard, Alison Matthias, Christine Maitland-Price, Sue Ainslie, Linda Coleman and Darren Martin.



'The core functions of a governing body include: setting and monitoring the organisation's mission, purpose, direction, priorities and strategies within the boundaries of its constitution and legal obligations'.




Our Mission Statement: 'Creating the foundations to inspire learning throughout life'.


Our Vision:  'Working together to provide the opportunities to succeed'.



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