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Community Cafe

 Established in April 2015, our staff and pupils are very proud to introduce you to our fantastic school community café 'eCafe'.

eCafé was built with the purpose to help promote  pupils professional as well as their academic development in school, whilst enabling us to reach out and forge positive relationships with our local community. The café allows our pupils to practice their customer service skills, as well as their literacy and numeracy by writing down orders and working on the tills. The eCafé has also proven to be a positive nurturing environment for our pupils, helping them build their confidence, realize their potential while providing them with an enriching experience introducing them to the world of work. Our pupils are now fully competent in speaking to customers, taking orders, working the till and helping prepare healthy home cooked food.


We work... Everyday two pupils from year 6 work in the café to take orders from staff. They prepare drinks & food and work on the tills and clean the café.

We prepare... Healthy meals using Fairtrade and organic products for staff, parents and members of our community for a small price. We have a lunchtime 'special' everyday. 

We sell... Tea, coffee, bottled water, fresh orange, apple and pineapple juice, as well as delicious, healthy homemade food.

We cater... TO EVERYONE! Parents, staff and members of our community can come in and enjoy our selection of hot and cold drinks and home cooked food!



Introducing our café Supervisor


Mrs Owen is our eCafé supervisor. She manages the day to day running of the café. She also oversees the Year 6 pupils when they are preparing and cooking the healthy meals which are then sold to staff and members of the community.














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