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Each member of our school community belongs to one of the four houses:

Picture 1 Asaph
Picture 2 Beuno
Picture 3 Dewi
Picture 4 Melyd
Throughout our houses we reward the success and achievement of all pupils. At the end of each term in Key Stage 2 we hold a reward day.
Attendance is also linked to house points. Each week the house with the best attendance receive additional house points.

Each house captain and vice captain was chosen because they were seen as role models of behaviour.

Head Boy and Girl


Introducing our Head Boy and Girl, Ganver and Jess. Ganver and Jess serve as Ambassadors for our school. They have many important roles and responsibilities, they 'meet and greet' any visitors and parents we have, they go to represent the school at various events, they also help make important decisions about our school. Any proposals made by School Council are brought to Ganver and Jess.


On the last term of each year, our year 5 pupils can put their names forward for the position of Head Boy or Head Girl. A vote is then cast for this and announced by the current Head Boy and Girl.



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