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Resource Provision

Resource Provision (R.P.) in Ysgol Emmanuel


In Ysgol Emmanuel, we are lucky to have a Resource Provision. Our RP is a key stage two base for a small group of pupils who benefit from bespoke literacy and numeracy interventions as well as nurture support.

In RP we put fun and practical learning into all teaching. We are lucky to have two adults working in RP alongside the children. This is Mr. Bennett and Mrs Seward.


Ein thema - Our theme 

Our theme this term is 'It's all monkey business!'. We will be working on our English and Maths skills through this.


We are going to be learning about different animals from around the world

Our RP animals

We have loved pets in RP. We look after our animals and they form part of our class. Shelly is our pet tortoise... currently she is on holiday with Auntie Fi where she is enjoying a long winter nap.

We also have different fish who we chose and brought into RP. One of these fish is called Lips because she likes to clean the glass of the tank.

The children look after these animals. It teaches the skills of responsibility and empathy.

Interventions to help us learn...