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We have structured our Cyngor Ysgol on the same format as the Senedd in Cardiff. Our School Council members are the AM's of Emmanuel. They meet on a regular basis to discuss all school politics. They are the voice of their peers!


Our School Council make informed decisions that affect the positive change and growth of the school.


It is important that our children have a voice and say in any potential decision made at our school. It teaches them responsibility, democracy and empowers them to bring positive change to Ysgol Emmanuel. 






Our Successful Project - Emmanuel School Prayer


From pupil voice, it has been decided that Ysgol Emmanuel needs its own school prayer. Because of this, we have started a new process to create this prayer.


This is where we are on our journey:


  1. Pupil voice said that we needed a school prayer.
  2. Cyngor Ysgol met to discuss how we could action this.
  3. Each class were a given a dove to write their ideas around what the prayer should include.
  4. These ideas were shared at School Council and the key themes recognises.
  5. Reverend Mansfield came to visit us.
  6. We drafted a School Prayer and shared this with Reverend Mansfield.
  7. The school prayer was shared with the school to see their opinion. 

Traffic Control around Ysgol Emmanuel's location


From pupil voice, it was decided that the Cyngor Ysgol would write to Chris Ruane MP, Ann Jones AM, Rhyl Town Council and Denbighshire County Council.

We felt that Victoria Road might benefit from a one-way system.


This is what we did on our journey:


  1. Pupil voice said that we should consider a one-way system.
  2. Cyngor Ysgol met with Chris Ruane MP to discuss this.
  3. We wrote a letter and sent it to Chris Ruane MP and Ann Jones AM.
  4. We sent the letter to Rhyl Town Council and Denbighshire County Council.
  5. The Council considered this and spoke to Transport.
  6. County decided that this would not be possible.
  7. The Cyngor Ysgol are meeting to decide where to go next.
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