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School dinner menu



The school meal service provides a range of nutritious and freshly cooked meals every day.

The children are offered a choice of either the main dish of the day, or a jacket potato with various filling or a sandwich. A salad bar is available for children to help themselves, as well as bowls of fresh fruit on each dining table. The cost of school meals are £2.10 per day. All meals are freshly cooked on the premises.


Packed Lunches

Children can bring a packed lunch to school with them if they do not want or do not receive school meals and this will be eaten in the school hall or weather permitting, out on the yard. 

  As a school we try to encourage healthy packed lunches. Healthy packed lunches help give your child the nutrients and vitamins their body needs to thrive. They also provide slow release energy which helps your child to stay focused throughout the school day. For more information on what constitutes as a healthy paced lunch please click on the inks further down this page. 

Water is available, but you may wish to supply a drink. In the interest of health and safety, we would ask that children do not bring fizzy drinks or sweets.



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