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In Ysgol Emmanuel we expect our children to attend school on time everyday. We appreciate and understand that at times this isn't possible due to illness and other unforeseen circumstances. However we try to instil in all our pupils the value of being both punctual and organised and this begins by attending school on a regular basis. We asked our Year 5 class about feelings they have when they are running late for school...


''Embarrassed, because everyone is ready to work but you..''

When I leave late I panic, because I don't want to be late, I worry that when I walk in that I don't know what everyone's doing.'' 



What happens if my child is late?

Our school gates will be locked promptly at 9:00am. Any children arriving later than this time are to come to the front office. So that Mrs Griffiths our Attendance Officer may sign them in. If children arrive after 8:55am and before 9:25am they will be put down as 'LATE'. If your child arrives after 9:25am this will go down as an unauthorised absence. We appreciate that many of our children will have a valid reason to be late. If this is due to a medical appointment please ensure you notify a member of staff, bring the appointment card if you can, then we can put them down as the appropriate mark.


Why is it important for my child to be on time?

It is important for your child to be on time for school for many reasons. From your child's perspective being late means they have missed the class introduction. Class introductions are where the teachers speak to the children about the day they have planned, what they are doing first and what they will be doing next. Class introductions are very important to help prepare your child for the school day. Without this your child comes into a classroom environment where everyone else knows what's happening apart from them, this can make them feel quite lonely and a little bit stressed. All children are entitled to a happy and successful school life and ensuring that they are on time helps achieve this.

From the schools perspective being on-time instils a good sense of punctuality and the value of time keeping. This helps in later life with regards to employment, appointments and deadlines with coursework.


Why is it important for my child to attend school on a regular basis?

Good, consistent school attendance helps ensure that your child will have both a happy and successful school life. Inconsistency in attendance can make things very confusing for your child, they may miss out on vital information for the next day or the next week of school, this can set them back and make them feel excluded from classroom activities. Friendships as a result are harder to maintain and their progress in school may not move forward as it should. We want all of our children to have an advantageous and fulfilling school experience and this can only be achieved by attending school on a regular basis.


What do I do if my child is unwell or has an appointment?

If your child is unwell, firstly we hope they get better soon! If your child has a stomach bug please allow 24 hours after the last bout of sickness before sending them back to school. There are many ways in which you can notify us of your child's absence or of an up coming appointment. You can speak to a member of staff on the school yard, Miss Weir is at the KS2 door and Mrs Breeze is at the Foundation door. You may also speak to a member of staff at the front office. You can also contact the school via telephone from 8am (01745 353447). With regards to appointments if you wish to bring in a copy of an appointment card you may do so.


I've forgotten to ring up, what happens next?

If you have forgotten to call school with regards to your child being absent, please ring as soon as you remember. If no contact has been made the school will ring you. If you do not answer, we will send you a text message enquiring about your child's absence, you can text us back if this is more convenient. If we do not hear from you at all, we will mark this on your child's registration certificate as a 'unauthorised absence' an additional letter regarding this absence will be sent home to give you a further opportunity to inform the school of why your child was absent that day. It is essential that you complete and return this letter to school to avoid unnecessary further warnings or fines.


Authorised, Unauthorised, Lates and Fines.

If your child is attending school late on a regular basis, you may be called in by the Attendance Officer and Parent Liaison Officer to discuss and support with any issues you may have getting your child into school on time. In the case of authorised absences (which include, ills, medical, special circumstances) if we find there is a continuous pattern emerging we will again make contact with you and arrange a meeting to discuss and support this, we may offer a referral to the school nurse if your child is having continuous illnesses. Each day consists of two sessions, morning and afternoon, if your child misses 10 sessions (5 full days of school/or 10 half days) it will incur a warning letter from Denbighshire County Council which will be sent to your home address. Should your child miss 20 sessions (10 full days of school/20 half days) you will receive a fine of £60 from the Denbighshire County Council. To avoid this it is imperative that you communicate and work with the school.




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