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Advantages of learning Welsh

Learning Welsh or Cymraeg has become remarkably accessible, thanks to the new curriculum in Wales and also Welsh language courses/apps designed for all age groups. There are various compelling reasons to learn Welsh, and it holds greater significance than ever, especially considering the Welsh Government’s ambitious goal to have a million people proficient in Welsh by 2050. 


So why should you learn this incredible historic language?


To integrate into the community

Whether you have just relocated or have lived in Wales all your life, learning the Welsh language can facilitate connections with other Welsh speakers in the local community. It not only demonstrates your willingness to integrate but also reflects your respect for the language.


More work opportunities

When applying for specific jobs, acquiring proficiency in Welsh can provide a distinct advantage over other candidates applying for the same role. In sectors like education, agriculture, tourism, law, finance, or media, Welsh language skills may not just be beneficial but could be deemed absolutely essential for the position you’re seeking. 


To keep the longest spoken language of Britain alive in our communities

Historians have uncovered evidence that Welsh poets were already crafting verses as early as the fifth century. Joining the effort to keep the language alive and thriving holds particular significance, especially considering the enduring challenges Welsh has faced over the years and the determined efforts people have made to ensure its survival.


Benefits to your health

Embarking on the journey of learning another language cannot only broaden the children's linguistic horizons but also enhances your cognitive abilities. It has been shown to improve concentration, memory, and problem-solving skills. Moreover, bilingual individuals often exhibit increased creativity, flexibility, and open-mindedness. With these health benefits in mind, it would be unwise not to give it a try!


It gives the children a sense of belonging

Welsh pride in identity and roots is deeply ingrained, evident in spirited displays during events like football or rugby matches. If you aspire to become part of this extended family, don’t hesitate to dive into the language and embrace the cultural connection!