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School Council

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Success Criteria



New School Entrance Plans 

To meet with Ms Jones and agree changes and adaptions to the school entrance as a whole school council.Met with Ms Jones and discussed plans and changes. Voted - all in agreement. 


Strategic Equality Plan 


To embed Anti- bullying policy - to look at Anti - bullying policy and to discuss any changes.Pages 15-18 discussed - School Council in agreement. 


Anti- Bullying policy 

Discuss Rights of the Child - embed into Anti Bullying poster - designed by the School Council - See it, Say it, Stop it! Anti- Bullying poster designed and displayed around the classes and school. 


Dog mess and litter outside school 

Inspection of the outside area at the front of school by School Council. To meet with Councillor Ball to discuss. 


Arrange a meeting with Councillor Ball.





Meeting with Councillor Ball to discuss a bin to be fitted outside school. Councillor Ball to contact Street Scene Co-ordinator. 
7.2.22Meeting with Street Scene Co-ordinator to discuss where bin will be fitted. Bin on order to be fitted.
29.3.22Bin fitted outside school.Bin now in use.


Traffic - parking outside school 

Councillor Ball contacted - ongoing  
29.4.22Meeting to discuss school book vending machines.Email sent to Ms Jones with suggestions. 


Our School Council Members 2022-2023



Year 2 Reps Macey & Emira 


Year 2 Reps Lewis & Isla


Year 3 Reps - Jamie & Lacey


Year 3 Reps - Neve & Amelia


Year 4 Reps - Ryan & Chase


Year 4 Reps - Reggie & Ella


Year 5 Reps - Riley & Amy


Year 5 Reps - Bella & Ollie


Year 6 Reps -  Jasmine & Corey


Year 6 Reps - Jermaine & Maisey


RP Rep - Riley