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Head Lice Policy Information


Head lice is a common problem that affects most people at sometime

or other.

The aim of the policy is to reduce the problem for you as Parents/Carers and for us as a school.

We will share information with Parents/Carers to be vigilant in checking their child's hair.

If a pupil in school is found to have a live moving louse, their  Parent/Carer will be informed (in confidence) so that they can treat the infection.

If the head lice infection continues, we will send out a confidential letter to the pupils Parent/Carer; information may also be shared with the school Nurse so that advice and guidance can be provided. The school Nurse and/or other agencies will be informed of extreme, persistent cases of head lice infection. A pupil with head lice will not be excluded from school.

For more information about head lice and treatment please visit:


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