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Nursery Parent Workshops

Nursery Parent Workshops


We are having a great few weeks continuing our second block of workshops for parents of our Nursery pupils. We are so pleased with the amount of interest we have received from our parents.


The workshops allow parents to come into school to see first hand the teaching and learning within the classroom. Each week there is a different focus task that parents learn about. Parents then go into the classroom and do this 'focus' task with their child.


Week 1: The formation of the letter 'a' and Jolly Phonics. Our parents and pupils put pen to paper, helping their child learn how to form the letter 'a'. Parents and pupils also used the Apple interactive whiteboard. (To learn more about Jolly Phonics go to you can also download the FREE app, 'Jolly Phonics'.


Week 2: Our pupils listened to calm and stormy sea sounds and had to identify which sound was which. Our pupils used instruments to make their own stormy and calm sea sounds.


Week 3:Ten Green Bottles! This week parents had to help their children count and take away. Pupils also had to try and recognize numbers 1-10!. Parents and pupils used the interactive white board to do this task, taping the board to subtract the bottles.