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Returning to School 29th June 2020

Message from Ms Jones - Headteacher


Dear parents and carers


As we enter this new era of trying to reopen school we wanted to give you as much information as we can to help you to make the decision whether or not to send your children back this term. You may not know that we have to try to socially distance pupils and we are only allowed to have up to 1/3 of the whole school in at once. This means that each child's class will be split into 3 groups over 3 days working on the assumption that some parents will not want their child to return due to worries, for health reasons, living with vulnerable adults etc. The class teachers also have to continue to provide work for the pupils at home so they cannot not do both and teach in school every day. Your child will be on school for ONE day per week only and there can be no exceptions to this due to the numbers I have just mentioned. We have to try to allow pupils back 3 times before the end of term. They won't be able to catch up on everything missed but it is a chance for them to see their teachers, see classmates and have an experience of how school will probably look this September.  Nursery are not statutory school age and therefore they will not be returning to school at this time. 


I hope this leaflet helps to give you an idea of how things will work and how seriously we are taking the health and safety of your children while they are back in our care. If after reading this leaflet you have additional questions, please ask via the class teacher and I will happily respond. In order to plan staffing we need to know your decision by Monday 22nd June at the latest, Anyone who has not responded will be called to confirm your choice. 

Please see newsletter section of website for leaflet.